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New Monthly Classes Starting Fall 2019:

Out of school Fall classes at Phinney Neighborhood Center. Details available at 6crickets portal!!  Click here for details

Spring 2019 After-School Enrichment Program

Mondays: John Stanford International School    Enroll Now (registration closed)

Tuesdays: Green Lake Elementary School   Enroll Now (registration open)

Wednesdays:  Cascadia Elementary School   Enroll Now (registration closed)

Thursdays: Arbor Heights Elementary School   Enroll Now (registration closed)

Thursdays: Daniel Bagley Elementary School   Enroll Now (registration closed)

Fridays: Decatur Elementary School  Enroll Now (registration closed)

Fridays: B.F. Day Elementary School  Enroll Now (registration closed)

If you are interested in finding out how to bring our program into your school, please contact us at seattlecity@e2youngengineers.com or 425-443-2371